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Feel free to explore the website and meet our very own Toothy characters. From the Good Tooth Fairy Misha to the naughty Tooth Fairy Mina, there are plenty of characters to keep you busy. Each character lives in the Magical land of Dontia and they each have their very own story to tell. To find out all about them, just click on 'Meet the Characters' at the top of the page.

We all know how important it is to keep our teeth healthy and strong so click on Misha's 'How to Guide' to learn all about how to brush your teeth properly and to keep those nasty bugs away.

The Story of Misha and Mina

Misha and Mina are the Tooth Fairy twins who were born many years ago in a faraway land. They lived in a magical castle where they loved playing in the enchanted forest which surrounded it. Mina is the older twin by just three minutes. She has always loved being the older twin and often used to tease Misha when they were little fairies, because she was older and more important.

Misha grew up to be the good Tooth Fairy and learnt how to look after teeth properly at Tooth Fairy school. Mina was always naughty at Tooth Fairy school and she liked collecting all the bad, rotten teeth. What Mina really wants to do is to add your teeth to her collection.

But wait, Misha is here to tell you how to keep your teeth, clean and healthy, so naughty Mina cannot get her hands on them. Misha wants you to have beautiful, healthy teeth. She will always leave a lovely present for every healthy tooth she finds under your pillow.

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